About Zeb

Before Zeb qualified as a counsellor/art psychotherapist, she taught Drama and English for 9 years in secondary schools in Melbourne. In this capacity she recognised that using creative means for expressing issues, was a powerful way of engaging young people.

She has since completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Human Services at La Trobe University, and a Masters in Art Therapy at the same institution Zeb has worked in drug and alcohol rehabs, psychiatric settings and with cancer support groups. She has developed an innovative approach that is effective and powerful. Six years ago, she moved close to Foster and has been designing and delivering ‘groups’, and doing individual consultations in primary and secondary schools in the Sth Gippsland area. She sees clients referred through the Department of Human Services and the Education Department. Zeb is a professional member of ANZATA (Australia and New Zealand Art Therapy Association).

Using creative mediums to engage people of various ages offers the missing piece in the therapeutic pie that includes psychiatry, psychology and social work etc. Moving beyond talk therapy, art psychotherapy offers other means of engagement. In employing experiential processes through the arts, more than one sensor is employed ie. thinking, feeling and somatic processes. This wholistic approach employs the imagination to reimagine one’s engagement with life and build emotional fitness.

Zeb has taught on the Masters in Art Therapy course at LaTrobe University delivering a unit developed from her own innovative practices. She currently teaches an introduction to Art Therapy at both Warragul GippsTafe and La Trobe University. Zeb has presented papers at the Vicserv and ANATA conferences and been a past president of ANATA (Australian National Art Therapy Association). Zeb continues to run drama groups working with children and adolescents in schools. Through drama/action methods and role-play participants have the opportunity to explore issues such as peer group issues, bullying and team building. The drama exercises develop empathy, confidence, self esteem, positive risk-taking and communication skills.