Services Offered

Zeb works with people of all ages addressing a range of issues. She does private consultations in Foster and Leongatha as well as doing outreach work. She also designs and facilitates programs in a range of settings. She does professional development and works with the human resource sector to develop cohesion, open communication and morale. She also works in primary and secondary schools with children of all ages.

Zeb employs art therapy (often just stick figures and scribble), the resilience model, object relations, narrative therapy and solution focused strength based approaches as a basis for all the groups she facilitates. Aside from art mediums she uses a variety of visual aids to engage clients such as: objects, photographs and cards with words and symbols. These allow the client to find powerful metaphors to externally map out issues of concern. She will work with an organisation to design a program to address issues that are identified.
Within a school context, the groups are small in size to allow for a sense of safety and trust. This encourages students to open up and discuss issues that maybe censored within a larger classroom environment. The small groups also offer participants the opportunity to open up and gain insight into personal issues. Through engaging in this process anxiety can be addressed thus contributing to greater engagement with their education.

Aside from small group work, Zeb works within school classrooms using drama/action methods and role-play to explore a range of issues nominated as topics of concern. In this context, participants have fun whilst dealing with serious themes. The experiential nature of the work allows for children and adolescents to have a wholistic experience as the thinking, emotional and somatic sensors are employed.


Although Zeb is based in South Gippsland, she also travels to a number of locations and runs programs in various settings in Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Below are examples of workshops that Zeb facilitates within schools. She is also available for consultation regarding the needs of particular students in order to design specific programs relevant to their needs.

Secondary Schools

“Girl’s Stuff”

This group is intended for girls experiencing: peer group concerns, identity issues, loss of self confidence, general adolescent angst.

“State of the Heart”

This group is intended for young adolescents in need of support due to family break-down, or life issues contributing to a sense of loss, disconnection, depression, and loss of self esteem.

“Boyz n Men” (Challenging the Masculine Strait-Jacket)

This group is aimed at adolescent boys experiencing anger, depression and self-esteem issues. In a safe non-judgemental environment, boys have the opportunity to honestly express issues they are dealing with. Perceptions around cultural expectations concerning masculinity are explored in order to challenge the limitations boys confront in expressing feelings and fears.

Groups for Primary Schools:

“Exploring the anger beast and other annoying things”

This group deals with issues related to bullying and other peer group issues. It also targets boys dealing with family dysfunction, grief and fear. In this context the boys have an outlet to deal with frustrations in their lives that often manifest in anger outbursts, bullying etc. They also learn life-skills through exercises that explore empathy, and develop a positive sense of themselves and what they have to offer.

“Friendships and being girls”

This group works with girls experiencing bullying, being bullies, isolation and other peer group issues. The group aims to create stronger connections and build a sense of the importance of belonging and empathy.

“Finding connection through puppetry”

This group is for children experiencing isolation, peer group issues and general life concerns relevant to the particular age-group. In this context they have the opportunity to open up and develop self esteem and confidence.