· Zeb runs the most energetic, inspiring and creative groups for all ages. It is always a delight to work with Zeb and experience her many talents. (Lisa Sidoti and Trish Bowler. Sth Gippsland Education Support Network)

· After trauma I felt confused about survival. Zeb took me through a process which led me to feel that I had been delivered, as a mid-wife would do, to believe in my place in the world. I was alive again. Joyously alive! (Meg)

· Zeb worked with me to unlearn inhibitions that have developed over the years. One amazing intuitive lady! Thank-you (Jo)

· Students at Leongatha Primary School “were happier, able to mix better with their peers, build self esteem and consequently learn better” (Grant Kuhne, Vice Principal)

· After working with Zeb at three, eight-week session courses with small groups of teenagers, I can attest that she builds a trusting environment where young people feel safe to open up and learn self-awareness, build esteem and develop confidence and communication skills through the art art therapy methods. You don’t have to be artistic to use the methods successfully. (Anna Stefani, School Nurse, South Gippsland Secondary School)


· Group has helped me so much. It has made me a stronger person. It has made me more confident and taught me how to get through the hard things in life

· I don’t feel as angry as I used to. It helped me express my feelings

· Group is fantastic for letting me express my feelings and be comfortable with talking about them. Without it, it would be hard to keep my feelings under control

· This group has helped me overcome the problems that I was confronted with. Hearing things from different perspectives has really opened my eyes and has helped me become more confident in myself. I’m so grateful for the opportunity you gave us

· If you can’t open up your feelings and let out all your sadness, you will slowly turn into nothing. To be able to talk about feelings and problems, lets you grow. Each girl in this room has been and still is going through a rough time. We have all grown so much

· When I first started I was a mess- an accident waiting to happen. Now I’ve started on my journey

· At the start I was just not good. Now there’s like new life

· There’s other ways to express emotion like through art and I’d get really excited

· You know that you’re not the only one and there’s now a support group

· It’s built peer group and can be more open

· I want more!

Children :

· We learnt heaps. Don’t bully other people or they bully you

· We used our strengths to pull us through

· I’m now more happier

· Doing activities that explained how not to be

· I liked the shadow puppetry the best because they had different feelings in them

· You got to get things out that you might be keeping secret

· It was fun making stuff!

· How to get more friends and share

· Doing the puppets I learnt that some people get bullied and not to stare and laugh

· Helped me improve my anger; helped me not to go off my nut

· Helped me be a better person in life